Photo by  Mae Burke

Photo by Mae Burke

Ashli McLeod

I'm a lover more than a fighter. I care about the environment. I enjoy being outdoors, even in the heat.  I'm constantly rearranging the furniture in my house. I'm an idea person.

I want to be the mom who does cannon balls into the pool and plays tag with her children so I have a "carpe diem" approach to life. I love being spontaneous.

My last name is pronounced Mc-Loud.

I live in Dallas with my husband, two young children, and two pups.


As a photographer, I'm passionate about making a woman feel beautiful. Whether she's pregnant, just delivered a new baby or realizes she hasn't had a decent photo taken since her wedding.

My specialty sessions include:

New Life. Captures brand new babies, typically within 48 hours of delivery and often at the hospital or birth center. This is a very relaxed, un-posed session and tries to capture those moments with a new baby that are hard to remember with all that's going on.

Mommy&Me. There is no bond more special than a mother and her child. Whether you're pregnant or a grandmother, the Mommy&Me session is for you and your baby (of any age).

Feel Beautiful. Wash your hair, throw on some mascara and be reminded that you are beautiful. It's not about what you wear, it's about how you feel.

Children & Families. To celebrate your family and capture you and your family at this moment in time.