One and a Half

My littlest baby had a half birthday this weekend and is now officially closer to two than one.

Sometimes, I can't believe she's approaching her SECOND birthday! What? But then I think about her birth and when she was tiny and that feels likes ages ago. So I guess I will let her keep growing.

I'm actually really enjoying her new abilities. She can follow directions. She can play in the backyard without falling off the deck. She can tell me when she's hungry with something other than a cry. And she can entertain her brother!

Those two are such a good pair and we really love watching them interact. He's nurturing and patient, she's rascally and eager. She follows him around, wants to do whatever he's doing and climbs on him non-stop. One day, he'll be really annoyed with her. But until then, we let them work it out.

So, her 18-month stats: 33.25 inches (90th%), 24lbs+2ounces (50th%). She just grew 5 new teeth (3 molars and two on the bottom next to the middle teeth).

She sings, dances, pulls on your hand to lead you places. She pats the seat next to her when she wants you to sit there. She loves to wrestle with her brother, color, and pour water on anything. She throws 8 second tantrums, but gives up pretty fast. She has some trademark faces and we love seeing all of them.

Happy Half Birthday, Lorelai!