Feel Beautiful

Feel Beautiful - Emily

Emily is in my tribe. She's a mom, she lives in my zip code, we're in the same mommies group. We can talk birth stories and toddler behavior and momma joy/pain/highs/lows all day long. But when Emily talks about brain cancer, I just listen. 

If you didn't notice her bald head, you wouldn't have a clue that she's been through chemo and radiation and is in the middle of a battle. She's vibrant and outgoing. Strong and bold. Funny and daring. 

And just like many of my clients, she thought she was awkward in front of the camera. So let me go ahead and say - no, Emily, you were gorgeous in front of the camera. 

Her story starts with a migraine that was like no other. Four days later, she was having an exploratory craniotomy while her 10 month old was at home. 

She had to quit nursing before she was ready. She couldn't pick up her daughter for weeks. She was navigating motherhood with brain cancer, and was a novice at both. 

But that's just the cards she was dealt, not who she is. 

She jokes. She laughs. She collects sunglasses. And wears her Grandmother's vintage Chanel scarf. 

And she was brave enough to book a Feel Beautiful Session whether she had hair, or not. Whether she was on pain meds, or not. She is the epitome of why we should all get in front of the camera. Because if not now, then when?