A Brand New Blog

Hello! Notice anything different over here? I've been busy working on a new website, transitioning from a blog to a photography site so people can actually see what I do for clients! I hope you take a minute to browse around and check it out. I still have some tweaking to do, but it's officially open for business.

My new blog (with new address - artsymagnet.com/blog) will be more of a mix of my clients and my kiddos. I'll still be sharing our life and what we're up to, just alongside my photography for others. Like last week, when I had a session with a nursing momma and Lorelai got to tag along.

She was in love. In love. And I mean that in a "she won't let go of this baby" kind of way. Good thing my client is also a friend and was happy to share her handsome little guy.

In case you don't know, I'm a huge supporter of breastfeeding. And I love breastfeeding photography because it captures such an amazing time of motherhood. These sessions are truly some of my favorite to shoot and when this momma signed up for one, I just knew it had to be in her mid-century modern home that has amazing light in just about every room.

When we moved to the bedroom, Lorelai figured it was her turn to smother, I mean take care of, the baby.


But we were able to pry her off just long enough to get a few Mommy&Me shots.